Dance EP Artwork_Final (1).png

I Am Because I Dance (Yoswayy Remix)

by Kingsley

This EP was created back in Oct of 2018 - I was asked to open for SG Lewis as local support, but they did not want my full band to play. They asked me if I could do a DJ set - though Iā€™d never done a DJ set before, I said hell yes. 

I called my good friend, Yoswayy and explained the position I was in. I seriously asked him if I should just press play on my iPhone to instrumentals tracks, he cracked up and said he would remix my songs to make this DJ set work. 

The sold-out show was a success and the remixed songs were well received. Tons of people kept asking where they can listen to the music online - after the come down from the high, I realized that instead of trying to create an entirely new EP, I should release the remixes Yoswayy did.Giving birth to the project, Twelve Months of Kingsley.

Each month, on the 23rd, she will be releasing something - from music videos to 2 EPs to summer pop inspired singles!