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I Am Because I Am

by Kingsley

A bit about the project: The point of this project was to create an EP with various genres - I did this because I was told by quite a few producers prior to starting this project, that I need to “stick with R&B” or “I had a soulful voice, why aren’t I doing neo-soul?” Naturally I did the complete opposite of that and released my first single as a pop track (a real fuck-the-man pop AF track). From there the concept of doing things outside of the box started, I reached out to any and every person that would produce my music the way I wanted it produced. I worked with singers, musicians, and producer of specific genres to create that authentic genre sound. The EP features folk, pop, dark pop, EDM, chill vibe sub genre, r&B/hip-hop, and singer/songwriter - basically something for everyone…

A bit about me (let’s get personal): I write songs about how I perceive things, I never write songs that are true to me - so I’ll never write a love song (I don’t believe in love). If I do write a love song you better believe that man that suckered me in had a deal with the devil named cupid! Most of the tunes on this EP is written about one specific guy who really did a number on me, no worries it was worth it, got a banging EP out of all of his shit!! My song writing has become my way of therapy - some may say it's the reason I don’t share my feelings - I just write everything in my song book and wait to get into the studio to sort out whatever I was feeling there. I think the best line I’d written that describes me very very very well is: I’ll break your heart if you fuck with me… You’ll have to figure out which song it’s in <3