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Without You

by Kingsley


Pop/R&B songstress Kingsley, is set to release her debut single “Without You”, this is the third single released on her upcoming EP. “Without You” has yearning lyrics and a blues-feel produced and written by Kingsley. The song was an amazing collaborative project, as it started off at B-side Studios with producer Avi Brown with backup vocals from Haley Johnsen, lead guitar and bass by Tom Ellis, drums by Ji Tanzer of Loch Lomond, and piano and strings performed and arranged by Tyler Hobbs, Cameron Palmer, and Luke Neil. The song was mixed and mastered by producer Jack Kennedy of Zarr Studios. 

“Without You was written on a fluke, as I don’t usually write love songs. Since I don’t believe in love but this isn’t your typical love song. Writing a song about relying on someone and needing them wholehearted (in a romantic way) was an amazing unfamiliar emotion I had to drive out of myself. It was a really fun and creative process producing this song: having the verse in a minor key as you reflect on a time with your love and then jumping to the chorus in a happy major key but with haunting lyrics - this conflict in the song goes back and forth, verse to chorus. And then, BAM, the bridge is full fleagued emotions and demanding answers, to outtro a final plea. This song is truly an emotional rollercoaster ride. “