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Growing up in the shadows of Chicago, Kingsley was raised to the rhythms of house music. The third eldest daughter  of eight, she demonstrated a strong desire to perform and sing from an early age. She sang before she could talk, belting out Disney tunes and performing for family and friends. She joined the choir when she was 8 and taught herself to play guitar and piano. At age 10 she started a band. Inspired by pop music she began writing and producing her own songs.

It seemed she was destined for the stage, but life had other plans. While Kingsley was dreaming of the pop charts, she was also breaking school records in High Jump - track and field. Offered a sports scholarship she went off to college. To keep her love of music alive she took vocal performance classes, but sports, with its relentless demand for success, threatened her dream.

Then as fate would have it, in her third year of college, Kingsley was diagnosed with a competitive heart condition that ended her track and field days forever. Undeterred, and secretly relieved, she was finally free to devote her full attention towards her true passion. 

She started an all-female a Cappella group, and developed skills in beat boxing and arranging, graduating with a degree in Vocal Performance and Business Administration.

Kingsley is excited to share her debut EP, I Am Because I Am, releasing June 23rd! This EP is the first full project Kingsley has done thus far in her career, this collections of songs cover Today’s Pop, EDM, Soul, Singer/Songwriter, and R&B with a rap feature from local Portland artist, Brenboy. This EP was recorded at various studios around town because Kingsley wanted to work with all types of producers, this was to truly capture as many genres in one EP as she could. Also, Kingsley was able to feature a collection of Portland musicians sing back up and/ or playing an instrument on various tracks.

The title of the EP stems from Kingsley being told how to look, what to sound like, and simple, how to fit into stereotypical mainstream pop. “I am because I am” is the statement of saying this is me, and this is who I am going to be. Simply put, take it or leave it!